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This course is focused on teaching you the skills that it takes to get your website online while building a website. These skills will help you get started with having your online presence in the digital world.


In this class you will learn how to build HTML and CSS websites, without needing to learn to code. I will walk you through the steps, common practices, and tips and tricks to cook up your dashing website. With the skills you learn in this course, you will be ready to build your dream website in no time.

Welcome to this course where you will learn how to build websites with absolutely no coding experience necessary.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to build an online presence with a website:

  • for free

  • without having to learn to code

  • without using a website builder tool

  • without hiring a professional

A little about me:

I'm Parth and I have been building websites for over 5 years now. Over time, I have explored web development in search for a path that is easy and efficient to create an online presence for free. With the gathered knowledge and skills, I have tried to formulate all the experiences and tips and tricks into this course.

Who is this course for?

This is not a course if you want to learn to code and build & design websites from scratch. This course requires almost no background coding experience. This course is for anyone who is short on time and would like to have a beautiful online presence and build it themselves with unlimited possibilities of customizability and design.

What you will learn in this course?

  • Using resources that provide designed and built website templates at no cost

  • Customizing these templates to your tastes and preferences

  • Adding elements such as text, images, and more

  • Working with prebuilt HTML and CSS code

  • Adding extra functionality

Hope you take this course, and see you soon!


19 Lessons 02:18:19

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Setting Up the Working Environment 00:00:36

  Lesson- 2: MAC - Setting Up the Working Environment 00:01:46

  Lesson- 3: WINDOWS - Setting Up the Working Environment 00:01:31

  Lesson- 4: Configuring and Testing our Environment 00:02:16

  Lesson- 1: Website Structure with examples 00:02:50

  Lesson- 2: The Main Idea/Concept 00:01:44

  Lesson- 3: The Best Resources 00:04:36

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to our First Project Preview 00:00:18

  Lesson- 2: Downloading our Project Template 00:03:34

  Lesson- 3: Importing the Template into our Code Editor 00:00:47

  Lesson- 4: Exploring the Folder Structure of our Website 00:02:49

  Lesson- 5: Changing Text on our Website 00:19:27

  Lesson- 6: Customizing the Images on our Website 00:09:26

  Lesson- 7: Customizing the Colour Scheme of our Website 00:27:09

  Lesson- 8: Adding Personalized Icons to our Website 00:14:08

  Lesson- 9: Editing Text, Links, Redirection and More 00:15:07

  Lesson- 10: Adding the Contact Form Functionality 00:13:09

  Lesson- 11: Deploying our Website and Debugging the Contact Form 00:15:51

  Lesson- 1: Conclusion 00:01:15


  19 Lessons
  Full Lifetime Access
  Access on Mobile
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  Certificate of Completion
M.R.P.: 1000.00
ISC Price: 465
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